PDR Legends


Anson PDR, L.L.C., is the leading distributor of Paintless Dent Repair Tools worldwide, located in Arlington, Texas just between Dallas and Fort Worth. With over 18 years in the PDR industry, Anson has proven to serve their customers the best possible products at competitive prices.

ARC is a not for profit organization based in the U.S. (Tennessee) and is open to all qualifying U.S. PDR technicians irrespective of affiliation or brand.

Since our beginnings, we at Stuckey Tools have strived to give you the best Cordless Tools in the Industry.  As a technician I understand your needs. Every product is extensivley researched and tested before we release them for sale.  We stand behind our products with a one year warranty and repair services available after the warranty period.  Our tools are some of the lightest and longest running Cordless Tools on the market.  We have tried to find the perfect balance of weight and run time.  You are not working while you are waiting for your battery to charge.

When only the best will do, Keco supplies the Professional PDR Technician with the performance, the innovation, the quality and the service necessary to successfully execute every Paintless Dent Repair project. Keco leverages the fifty plus years of experience in plastic to design, develop and bring to market the highest quality and most innovative tabs, tools and accessories. We pride ourselves on being an innovative, agile and service oriented manufacturer that professionals can rely on to supply products that make repair easier and faster.

We find $500.00 dollars or more of Standard Operating Procedures on every job you send us! We are here to transform your PDR estimates into proper Insurance format. This professional estimate comes back to you branded with your company information and logo!! That’s not the best part of it! During this vigorous process we find every dollar that can be added to your estimate and put more money back in your pocket. 

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